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Playing around with gameQuery [08/2013 Update]

Update 08/2013: I updated this very old post because it still gets traffic. The links to the legacy game works now again. For a current gameQuery example read the new post: Still playing around with gameQuery.

gameQuery, a new jQuery plugin, provides functions for creating browser games. In this early stage gameQuery supports a main-loop, game area (playground), sprites with CSS animations and sounds (not tried yet).

I have played around with gameQuery and here is the result. A simple Pong clone that should work in IE6/7, Chrome and Firefox.

The current gameQuery version is 0.2.5 and so there are some points for improvement. Every sprite needs an animation and every animation needs an image even if you don’t need it. Playground is always position:absolute and it has a black border. Only little things that you can override.

found @ Ajaxian

  • The game is great! it’s nice to see what you’ve done with my small plugin :). I’ve never thought about having a sprite without an image associated to it 😉 I will to add this possibility to the plugin as soon as I can and make the playground more customizable has well!

  • You are right, a problem that usually only occur when you start to develop a game but it is very confusing when you have to find that problem.

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  • matteo

    Good job and thanks for sharing.

    FYI: after pressing q or a keys, most of the time my firefox thinks I’m trying to execute a search on the page and thus prevents the next keypress to reach the document. Explicitly focusing an element on the page at each keypress and/or interrupting keypress propagation are possible fixes.


  • Nate

    404 – NOT FOUND –

  • DerFichtl

    game is back again …

    simple nibbles keyboard controls …

  • Bin schon seit l